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5 Best Weight Training Apps

There are some really great apps out there at the moment, including the fitness and training market place. Here we’re going to take a look at some of the best weight training apps.

Unfortunately, some of the best apps are not cross platform – only available on either iOS or Android, not both. Here is a selection of decent gym apps from both platforms.

Gymbook (Android)

The Gymbook notebook is a very popular training app on the Android platform.

A very simple way to track and log your workouts. Enter your data and monitor just about everything you can imagine. Import and export your data via Microsoft Excel. What is nice about this app, are the detailed instructions on how to set it up on every section, not bad for a free app.

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Strong (iOS)

Strong is a very powerful weight training app that makes tracking your workouts really easy.

This great little app is simple and uncluttered, allowing you to build the perfect routine (and help you stick to it). You can create as many routines as you want and fill them with Strong’s pre-installed exercises or enter your own. Data from your workout’s is easily entered, with the ability to enter notes to each workout to record weights lifted etc. Strong is excellent at keeping a history of your routines showing you how effective (or ineffective) your workouts are.

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Fitocracy (iOS and Android)

Fitocracy is a very clever and unique fitness app. It uses the “gaming” idea and applies it to your workout routine.

The app tracks your progress and as you improve will let you level up and earn badges by reaching your goals.

Fitocracy has a good established community, a social network built around fitness and your achievements. The network groups you with others that on the same sort of par as you, and you can encourage (and be encouraged) by other people using Fitocracy.

You can log activities such as weight training, cardio exercises and weight loss.

Overall, a great little app.

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Multi-Year Weight Training (iOS)

From the get go you can see that this app is a little more polished than most. The interface is sleek and very professional in appearance. The Multi-Year Weight Training app takes more of a serious approach to weight training, with tips on how to improve your exercises and workouts to achieve the maximum results.

The app will set realistic targets and auto adjust before you use it again to keep on pushing you that little bit further.

N.B. There are quite a few features in the app that are only available if you buy the upgrades, but if you’re serious about your weight training, then it’s a good way to spend a few bucks.

This app is a great tool if you’re looking to go more in depth with your weight training.

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Jetfit (iOS and Android)

Jetfit is one of the best known weight training apps on the market. With over 1300 exercises to choose from, you can set up the perfect routine to suit your needs.

Set goals and create workouts, track your progress and share your results with social side of the app.

A simple and effective app.

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Looks like it’s time to get down the gym!