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Fitbit Surge Review

The Fitbit Surge, a “fitness superwatch” – a popular product that helps people keep up with various metrics in their body as they work out. For most people, the Fitbit Surge will be a great buy, but we’ll go through the details and you can see for yourself how it might help you.

The Surge is the flagship product from Fitbit. It is without a doubt the sleekest product that the company has to offer, giving the wearer a sense of futuristic technology with its lean, mean design. The display is easy to read in all types of weather, and it also gives you options for indoor and outdoor lighting.

surge displayWith this fitness watch, you gain the ability to control your music and your texts and call notifications directly from the device. If you do not want to be bothered at all during your workouts, this is definitely a feature that you will enjoy. However, if there are people on your shortlist that need to get through no matter what, you can make this happen as well. This works especially well for me having a pregnant wife!

Other features that will definitely impress include a built-in GPS and activity tracking along with an auto sleep function and a silent alarm. This watch can actually function as your day-to-day timepiece if need be, and I have actually had some people at the office ask what brand it is. When it comes to extra features and having a stylish look, the Fitbit Surge is definitely worth every penny that you will pay for it.

Main Features

I place these features first because you expect any fitness watch to have things such as a heart rate monitor and surge heart ratevarious counters that will help me keep up with the pace that I am setting for myself during my workouts. This is actually where the watch falls short in some areas. For instance, I have noticed that the heart rate monitor does not keep up with volatile movements. Because I train in a military format, I tend to stop and go at certain points. The Surge has a rather difficult time aligning itself with my varying activity level if I choose to go super hard-core. However, I have not noticed any problem with it during my more traditional workouts.

The so-called multisport functionality of the watch is actually a good feature. Whether I am biking or running, the Fitbit Surge has the ability to accommodate itself to my needs for that particular sport. For instance, I aim for a higher heart rate when I am biking because of the efficiency of motion that the machine provides me. The watch is able to easily conform to my needs and has many settings that I can call up with a single control based on the workout that I will be performing that day.

You can have the watch count the number of floors that you climb, the amount of active minutes that you workout, surge floorsand the distance traveled or steps taken on a particular track. These numbers are very precise and give me the hard data that I need to improve my workouts every single time out. The sleep alarm is definitely one of the features that I have come to enjoy the most. Many fitness companies seem to completely forget the importance of rest during a workout. I am now able to quantify the amount of rest that I take between workouts over days, weeks and months in order to more efficiently deal with my sleep schedule as well as my schedule when I am awake.

With all of the features that this watch contains, it does have a little bit of bulk to it. This means that you will be slightly inconvenienced if you are wearing a heavy, longsleeved sweatshirt. Although the weight does not bother me because I am a man, I have heard complaints from my wife that the watch is heavier than she is used to. This leads me to believe that women may experience some discomfort if they use this product, but it should by no means be so heavy as to completely deter a proper workout. Focus!

The watch definitely has a masculine look to it. It seems to be met for bigger wrists. If you need a physical analogy, imagine a big face Rolex Presidential watch on your wrist as opposed to a normal Rolex Presidential. If you are a bit uncomfortable with the big face Rolex, then you will be slightly uncomfortable with the Fitbit Surge.

fitbit surge masculineThe readings on the watch also seem to correspond with the amount of pressure that the watch puts on your arm. I have found that heart rate readings tend to be faster if I clasp the watch on a tighter node. Because I am quite precise with my readings, I have had to find the spot for my own arm. You may have to do so as well. However, comparing the convenience of wearing a watch rather than a chest strap, I cannot complain about a little bit of variance in the monitoring.

You also need to make sure that your watch and wrist are clean after every workout. The watch tends to attract dirt, and if there is sweat and dirt involved on a continuous basis, I have found that the readings tend to be less accurate. I was able to fix this by simply wiping down the watch after every workout and making sure that I did not leave any sweat on it.

The Fitbit app and software are the usual high standard. It is from here that you can really start to analyze your performance and improve in your next workout. There have been a few instances of data not coming through from the watch to the app; however, these instances have been quite few and far between. There is really nothing to worry about when it comes to the interaction between the watch and the software.

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Final Impressions

Overall, the Surge is an impressive product that is surprisingly accurate for a wrist based calorie and heart rate counter. The convenience of the device simply cannot be matched. Not only do you get to move away from all the clunky monitoring gear that normally have to wear, but you also gain the usefulness of a smart phone in the added text, calling and notification features mentioned above.

fitbit surge watchIn order to compensate for these conveniences, you may have to do a little bit of experimentation in order to get the best performance out of the watch. Remember that your arm tends to move much more than your chest does. If the watch slips up and down your wrist, you may get inaccurate readings if you are not careful. However, once you find a routine and acclimate the watch to that routine, you should find that your readings become more accurate and you start to forget about the little things that can go wrong with the Surge. If you work out heavily, you will definitely need to find the sweet spot for your interactions with the Surge.

For the price, you simply cannot go wrong with a watch like this. You may be able to match the price with another tracker, but you will be losing out on many of the features that I found especially appealing. Expect the overall technology to improve in the near future; however, there is definitely nothing better on the market as we speak. I fully expect that the company will continue to upgrade this model, and I would definitely recommend the Fitbit Surge.

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