Misfit shine on wrist

Misfit Shine Review – Understated Style

The Misfit Shine, there’s no doubt about it, this is one activity tracker whose looks are a major selling point. Let’s see how it stands up in our Misfit Shine review.

What’s in the box?

misfit shine box contents1 x Misfit Shine device

1 x Strap

1 x Magnetic clasp

1 x Battery

1 x Battery removal tool

Measures: Distance traveled, cycling, swimming and sleeping.

Of all the wearable tech currently available, the Misfit Shine stands out as one of the most aesthetically pleasing. The device is made of aircraft grade anodized aluminum. It feels wonderfully precise and machined to the touch. The Misfit shine front and backdevice itself measures just a shade under 30mm by 3mm deep, and has a machined indent where the strap and various accessories attach via a silicone rubber ring.

The front is featureless until the LED lights appear, on the reverse side is the Misfit logo and a small black area with the number 12 on it. The number 12 is to help you line the device up in the strap when using it as a watch.

One other major draw with the Shine is the range of accessories available for it.

Misfit Shine colour rangeThe device itself is available in no less than 10 different colors – Grey, Jet, Topaz, Champagne, Storm, Coral, Wine, Seaglass, Coca Cola Red and Pink.

misfit brown strapAs well as the strap and the magnetic clasp that come as standard, you can also buy a 3 pack of the silicone straps in different colors – teal, grey and white.

Also available is the the metal mesh strap and the 2 leather straps, one smooth and one with a pebbled finish.

misfit pendantsNext is the Misfit Shine Necklace. The “Bloom Necklace” is aimed at the female market, a pendant with a floral design finished in stainless steel. There is also a “Sports Necklace” again aimed at the female market, which is a smooth black pendant.

Inside this health tracker you’ll find the motion sensor, a highly sensitive 3 axis accelerometer that sends information to the small processor, which in Misfit explodedturn sends the data collected to the Misfit App. The device syncs to your phone via bluetooth 4.0, which uses hardly any power at all. Inside you’ll also find an “O” ring that protects the device from water damage. Inside the rear cover you’ll also find the the battery, which is a standard CR2032 coin type.

After fiddling around with various ways of charging other activity monitors, it made a refreshing change to know the battery was going to last at least 4 months, maybe even 6. In the box you will find a simple battery removal tool with which you lever the device apart. In a timed run we managed to swap the battery in under 40 seconds on the first attempt, which gives you an idea of how simple it is. Knowing we didn’t have to worry about battery life for a good 4 months was a major plus for us.

Unlike one of its major competitors – the Fitbit Flex, the Misfit Shine is not just water resistant or splash proof, it is 100% SWIMMINGwaterproof.

Misfit guarantee the device down to 50m, thats 150ft. Which means no worries in the shower, swimming or diving!

The thing that stands out with this device is the build quality. The magnetic clasp misfitdetailing is good, as is the finish.

The silicone strap that comes in the box is strong and feels comfortable on the wrist. The clasp is also well designed, with a very strong magnet that doesn’t shake off, no matter how hard you try.

Overall, we think it deserves top marks in the style department.

Before we go any further it’s worth checking Misfit Shine compatibility with your smart phone.

When first released it was only compatible with iOS devices (iphone, ipad etc) but since then Misfit have updated their system to incorporate the Android and Windows market. The list below is compiled directly from the manufacturers website, so if you’re thinking of buying, double check to see if your phone or device is listed.

iPhone – 4s -5 – 5c – 5s – 6 – 6+

iPod Touch– 5

ios android apple logoiPad – 3 – 4 – Air – Mini

Samsung Galaxy S – 4 – 5

Samsung Note – 3

Google Nexus – 4 – 5

Windows Phone – 8.1 (with Bluetooth 4.0)

As a rule of thumb, Apple devices need to be running on iOS 7 or above with Bluetooth 4.0.

Android devices need to have Android 4.3 or above and have Bluetooth 4.0.

misfit shine setupOk, lets get started setting it up.

Install the battery by following the simple instructions.

If you haven’t already, download the App from your relevant App store. Open the App and when instructed place the device on your phones screen, wait a short while until the App says you are paired.

You are then good to go. It’s as simple as that.

The App itself is quite simplistic compared to some other health and sleep monitors, and doesn’t give as comprehensive data readouts as something like the Nike Fuelband, or the Jawbone UP24, but for the price we think the Misfit Shine App gives you pretty decent information.

misfit shine led lightsLet’s look first at the display. The device has a 12 LED light display which functions as a way of showing you how far you are to achieving your goals and also as an actual clock face.  If you double tap the face of the device it will first show you how you are doing in reaching your set goal for the day. For example, if 4 lights are lit on the face, you are a quarter of the way to reaching your target, 6 lights – halfway etc.

After the Shine has displayed your goals it will also then tell you the time. misfit shine showing time displayIt does this by displaying a solid light as the hour hand and a flashing one denoting the minute hand.

N.B. This is the reason for the number 12 on the reverse side of the device. Make sure to line it up properly as you would with a normal watch face. Entirely our own fault, but we didn’t, and as a result got a little confused with the time!

Although the LED display is bright and clear indoors and on overcast outdoor days, in bright direct sunshine the display does become almost unreadable, so shielding the device from the sun is sometimes needed.

Misfit shine app socialOK, now lets take a look at the Misfit App.

As said previously, the App is simple and based on a points system. You can set the amount of points to any number you wish, the default is 700 but most people choose 1000.

On the home screen, at the top, you’ll find settings (where everything is pretty straight forward and self explanatory) the home icon and some social options at the top of the screen. Here you can see live feed data of friends and how they are doing, and options to add friends via facebook to your feed.

Also on this screen you can access your own profile and stats which you can then upload to the social feed.

Misfit points systemGoing into a bit more detail on the home screen, the Misfit, similar to the Nike Fuelband, keeps score of your daily activity, correlating your activeness to your daily tally. i.e. the more you move, the more points you get. If you click on your points the App will go into more detail displaying steps taken, calories burned and distance covered. Below the points tally is a daily graph of how active you were during certain parts of the day (or not) and you’ll get a little trophy symbol should you reach your daily target. Another great feature on this screen is the calender icon, which when you click it, will give you a daily and weekly progress chart, which is really interesting (and helpful) when showing you your best and worst days.

misfit shine log activity screenNext is the “log activity” screen. In our view this is one of the best features about the Misfit Shine. The device is capable of logging individual activities which is a feature missing in many activity trackers, even those with a higher price tag. With this feature all you have to do is select the activity you are about to start then triple tap the device. The device will then sync and log the data from the the activity you have selected. To log the data correctly for the activity you will have to wear the tracker in the optimum position for measurement. Misfit suggest the wrist for swimming and tennis, and the ankle for cycling, soccer etc. We’re a bit skeptical as to the accuracy of the device to measure distance correctly in activities such as cycling, but nonetheless this still one of the best features of App.

Another feature is the Misfit Shine sleep monitor. This is a feature which, to be frank, really did surprise us. The sleep tracker on the Shine we found to be extremely accurate.misfit shine sleep tracker The device will monitor your sleeping patterns automatically without you having to do anything, but if it does have trouble you can always switch to sleep mode manually. You can set your sleep goals i.e. 8 hours, and the App will show you how many hours of restful deep sleep you achieved and how much of it was more restless. Which means the device tracks even the more subtle movements made during your sleep.

As we said before, this is a feature we were impressed with as it seemed to measure very accurately between deep and lighter sleep cycles. You can also see a graph of your sleep patterns over a longer period of time, which is also interesting as you can clearly see the difference when you are maybe a little stressed at work to when you are more at ease.


In our opinion, of all the activity and sleep trackers out there, the Misfit Shine takes first place in the looks department. There’s no doubt it’s a beautiful piece of engineering. With it’s variety of color choices and various silicone and leather straps to choose from, not to mention the “Bloom Necklace”, the combinations are endless. You have to admit that this makes the Shine a very versatile device.

The Shine is also not a slouch as a functional device either. It performs well, and the Misfit App returns pretty good data. If you’re after something that returns in depth and comprehensive data, then the Shine is probably not for you. But as an all rounder that will measure individual activities such as cycling and swimming, and also track sleeping extremely well, then The Misfit Shine is the one for you.

misfit in different locationsPros

  • Waterproof
  • Well made
  • Very stylish
  • Tracks other activities
  • No need to charge


  • Led’s hard to see in bright light
  • App lacks in depth data (compared to some other brands)

If you are looking for an activity tracker that is wearable (in every situation) we think you can’t go far wrong with the Shine.

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